Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Where to get discounted hard liquor for Guo Da Li

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For the traditional chinese Guo Da Li, the groom would normally have to bring along 2 bottles of hard liquor to please the father-in-law. For my mother, she specifically requested for Martell (smart choice because Martell has a standard price HAHAS)!

If you are going overseas or have friends going overseas, you can ask them to help you get Martell from DFS. But if you are like me, stuck in my job with no leave for overseas trip and feel too paiseh to ask your friends to help... I'm going to share with you some tips on how to find discounted hard liquor to please your future-in-law and at the same time have some cost-savings!

1) Festive Season Discount

This festive season there is discount at NTUC.
$9 off the original price of $100! 9% off!
If you purchase 2 bottles, it would be a total of $18 savings.
But this offer will end on 29th February 2016 so take note (:

Update: I just saw that sheng shiong sells the Martell at $88!
Even more worth it than the promo price of NTUC!

2) Warehouse Club

Warehouse Club beside Joo koon MRT station sells Martell at a whooping price of $85!
That's $15 off the original price of $100!
If you purchase 2 bottles, it would be a total of $30 savings.

However, warehouse club only allow members to make purchase (membership cost $50 a year).
If you have any friends that has the warehouse club membership, then you need to grab this deal!
Just a tip for you, if you do not have the membership you can try asking any of the shoppers there if they can lend you their membership. Most of the time, people are willing to help (:

1 Joo Koon Circle,
Levels 2 & 3,
Singapore 629117

3) Online shopping

Honestbee is having a promotion now!
If you spend $120 at NTUC online, you will be able to get a $40 off!
Just use the discount code HB785038 when you shop at honestbee.
Discount only applicable for per household this January 2016

So for per bottle of Martell, you will only pay $80!
20% off the original price!
You get to save $40 for 2 bottles of Martell and they will deliver the Martell right to your doorstep.
I'm in no way related to honestbee or trying to advertise for them but this is too good a deal that I have to share!

Update: See my review for Honestbee purchase here

I'm sure every single cent saved is important for couples planning for their big day.. so really hope this post helps (:

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